Gladiators‘ Library

This section of our website is for the international exchange of gladiators and interested parties
All works are provided with a Creative Commons licence and serve the collection and dissemination of knowledge.

We have divided this section into four parts:
1. team introduction
2. small equipment articles
3. large overviews
4. gladiature-related themes

The team:

Architeuthis – chief of research – contactAcademia

Pullus – chatty researcher – contactAcademia

Mons – critical researcher – contact

Lucilla – practical researcher – contact

Ambiora – technical researcher – contact

Mimi(mi) – gladiator artist – contact

Ursus – ludus chronist – contact

Equipment descriptions

  1.     net of the retiarius – article
  2.     Thracian helmet of Maevia – article
  3.     convertible helmet by Pumillus – Murmillo/Thraex – article
  4.     Burdur version of the Provo helmet – article
  5.     the rare Secutor helmet from Mons – article
  6.     Lucilla has tried her hand at building a replica of a Hoplite ball shield (PDF) – article
  7.     the gladius of Retiarius – article
  8.     Pectorale – article
  9.     Mons has also thought about his new Gladius – article
  10.     armour belt of the gladiators, using the example of Pullus „Belt optimisation“ – article

General overviews

  1. timeline for gladiators – overview
  2. armaturae or gladiator classes in short – overviewacademia
  3. the origin an the development of the retiarius as english PDF – overviewacademia
  4. overview of all gladiator pairings, we could provide evidence – overviewacademia
  5. Helmets, sorted by armatura and timeline – overviewacademia
  6. overview on helmet paddings – overviewacademia

Additional material

  1. Craticula – article
  2. roman military tunic by our russian collegues LEG.XI.CPF. Moscow, 2020 (PDF) – article
  3. Grosser Svenja 2009 Ludus Nemesis wrote an interessting article about the relation of military presence and gladiatura (PDF) – article
  4. in 2016 Svenja wrote her first article concerning female gladiators (PDF) – article
  5. 2018 Medusa strikes again with a research to the daily life of a gladiator (PDF) – article
  6. Medusa did a research on the topic of spectacula in ancient london (PDF) – article

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